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Too Tangled are an indie-electro-rock duo, their fourth album 'Revel Revel' was released in the UK in January 2017.

It’s been two years since their last album ‘Stay Restless’ got released. They’ve toured intensely through central Europe. The press-reactions they received were astounding as well on their live performance as on the album itself. Their music was described as ‘absorbing’, ‘refreshing’ , ‘sexy’, ‘convincing’, ‘a mysterious universe’.. Their singles were played on many campus and community stations, and also several major alternative stations throughout Europe, and they’ve climbed up several alternative charts (FM4, Radio Eins, German Campus Charts..).

'Revel Revel’ is the album they needed to make after touring. They took time to stop time. Time to stop and reflect, to revel and to feast upon time yet to come, and time gone by. Rejoice on memories flying by like broken mirror parts.

By withdrawing themselves in a cabin on the countryside around Ghent (Belgium), they found the sort of isolation they needed. In that same cabin, most of the writing and recording was done. Unlike the last album, that they recorded in between tours, this time you can hear the seasons change on the tracks as the digital needle goes on.

In their search for fresh edgy sounds, the album got a slightly more electronic vibe to it, with still that catchy, dark-gloomy Tangled atmosphere.

They took the boat to cross the North Sea and head back to Oxford (UK) to mix and finalise at Courtyard studio. They had the honour to have Ian Davenport (Gaz Coombez, Band of Skulls, Supergrass, Radiohead, ..) behind the Neve-desk, buttons and tape machines.

The album was mastered in the iconic ‘The Lodge’ (New York) by Emily Lazar (David Bowie, Lou Reed, Depeche Mode, Sonic Youth, Björk... ) They had listened to the album, and were moved by the sound and vibe.. Asking them to fly in from L.A. (thinking they’re an American band) Roeland replied ‘we’re bloody Belgians’. Since Lou Reed is one of Too Tangled’s bigest heroes, they couldn’t imagine a better place for ‘Revel Revel’ to be mastered.

Support from Steve Young and Matt Perriment.

Steve Young

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Steve Young is a globe trotting session guitarist, teacher & entertainer turned Singer/Songwriter.

Early TV appearances with Lionel Richie & Peter Andre soon led to full time touring duties with world famous artists - most notably ex Savage Garden front man Darren Hayes which took Steve on trips around the world performing at the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Brisbane QPAC, LA Roxy and many more and ending as co-writer on his last album in 2012

Since writing and releasing an EP in 2014 and crowd funded Album in 2016 Steve has performed at The London O2 - Country 2 Country Festival. Time Out London's 'Rising Stars of UK Country' Multiple shows at the Edinburgh Free Fringe, recorded live for Bob Harris' - Under The Apple Tree Sessions, opened for Carlene Carter (daughter of Johnny Cash's wife June Carter) as well as opening sets for Broadway Star - Ramin Karimloo, UK Blues Artist - Jo Harman, Brit Award winner Tom O'Dell (Help Refugees) as well as many solo gigs around the UK

In Jan 2017 he released his 3rd single from the 'Troubadour' album - a remixed & remastered version of 'In My Dreams' which has enjoyed radio play around the world including BBC Radio 2, Radio Caroline, Chris Country Radio and 100's of community / online stations

During Jan/Feb Steve drove over 5000 miles touring as Caffe Nero’s ‘Artist Of The Month’ playing at over 30 stores from Scotland down to Portsmouth

Jan 2017

“I first saw Steve at Chris Difford’s Songwriting Retreat and immediately recognised that he combines incredible guitar playing with warm and sensitive songwriting – he’s a top talent'”
– Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Steve manages to blend English reserve with American folk to come up with something truly authentic. If Jack Johnson came from Welwyn Garden City, this is probably what he’d sound like” – Nik Kershaw

“Steve takes you on a wondrous journey throughout his songs, with his story telling lyrics and brilliant vocal delivery” – John Weller, Nevis Radio

We are loving Troubadour by @steveyounguk – deffo our #NewMusicFriday
 – The Yorkshire Times

My commute into London was made easy with this @steveyounguk . Listen to Troubadour by Steve Young on @AppleMusic – Tony Fisher, BBC Radio Essex

1 of the best albums of the year! Troubadour, plus Interview with Steve Young (@steveyounguk) a fantastic singer-songwriter with a killer new album! Sound waves Review

YES!! ” New Country UK” likes “New Country” from Steve Young UK!! Indeed, he is a fantastic artist and ‪#‎Troubadour‬ is a fantastic album!! GO GET IT!! ‪#‎NewCountry‬ ‪#‎UKcountry‬ ‪#‎AltCountry‬ ‪#‎NewSongs‬ ‪#‎NewAlbum‬ – New Country UK (Blog)

It’s what used to be called Americana, touching on traditional country, but losing the twang in lieu of pop/rock. So it’s more for Eagles fans than it is for Waylon Jennings ones. And there are some rather nice tunes here. After a brief intro, you’re off into the album highlight, “Out Of Our Minds”, which is a driving seventies country rock tune of the highest order. He gets a bit more New Nashville with the poppy “In My Dreams”, which would get some heavy airplay if he was over there instead of over here. He goes all acoustic further on with the likes of “Old Friend” and “Life Changes In A Heartbeat”, but where he lays his hat he lands on gold. An excellent release which should do him a power of good – The Rocker (Blog)

Those who helped fund this Pledge campaign album will be well satisfied with their investment. It is a superb collection of songs from a singer with a great ear for a tune, and an album that you’ll keep returning to for a long time to come – Chris Farlie, W21 Music

The collection of songs has a cool groove and a bit of swagger. It’s the sound of a laid back summer day. If forced to give some sort of comparison, I’d say that Steve Young’s music is a dose of Billy Joel’s vocals and songwriting, a dash of John Mayer’s blues on the guitar, a helping of Poco’s vibe, and a lot of Steve Young’s own uniqueness – Soundwaves Review

Steve Young’s debut album, ‘Troubadour’ is both moving and deeply personal, with thirteen tracks ranging in style from pop and rock to country, and probably everything in between – Essentially Pop

All in all, a very accomplished debut album and one that’s worth repeated listens. There’s clearly a wide range of influences and I think Steve does a fine job of modernising some of the great singer-songwriters, whilst still keeping his own sound. Unusually, there are very few negatives about this album, the production is solid throughout, the melodies and harmonies work very well together and the vocals (and lyrics), as mentioned previously, are exceptional. Certainly an artist to keep an eye on for the future – Gigs Bands & Tours

Matt Perriment

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Matt Perriment is an London based English singer/songwriter establishing himself originally on the South England festival scene, who began writing his folk / indie influenced music 6 years ago. Matt’s focus on melodic song writing and meaningful lyrics are accompanied by rising choruses harnessing strings and piano that keep you engaged.

Having just released his debut full band Everlast EP, recorded in Iguana Studios Brixton, the last year has seen Matt play at venues such as Barfly Camden, St Pancras Old Church, The Islington and the Graucho club to name a few. Matt has a strong connection with Sofar Sounds, having played multiple London and international Sofar shows.

Matt was on a Netherlands tour in Feb / March 2017 to promote the new EP, and is heading out on tour to Germany and Switzerland in late May. In addition, to a London headline show this summer, Matt has been confirmed for festivals such as Blissfields, Winchestival and The Sound Lounge.