Tom Lowman

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Tom Lowman/s Bristol stop of his "Talk Less Sing More" Tour!

Cat Eliza T

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Cat Eliza T

'Being brought up on Bluegrass my music is happy with sad lyrics. Sometimes I break this rule and it's just sad...or just happy'

Cat Eliza T is a Southampton based singer songwriter. Guitar, Ukulele, Viola, Dulcimer.

Winner of: Southampton Sampler 2017 - judged by Rob Da Bank and BBC Introducing. Professional development and a Future Music Showcase at the Regional Finals of Open Mic UK. Orange Rooms Open Mic competition 2015

In July 2015 and 2016 Cat Eliza T went to Sofia, Bulgaria. She was featured on multiple radio stations and performed at 9 venues around the city. All the while bringing Beefeater gin to the music lovers of the capitol. She made friends for life on this trip, it was 'the best time of my life'.

Cat Eliza made her first EP 'SOFIA' specially for the trip. It has 3 fully fledged tracks on it, all instruments heard are played by herself (except drums where she tends to draw a line.)

Dabbling in music for 4 years, Catherine Tarrant began performing as Cat Eliza T just two years ago. She has already made great steps and has a growing following. She is so grateful for every like and share!

Her influences include: Sivu, Lucy Rose, Keston Coblers Club, Newton Faulkner and many many more.

With a powerful voice to rival Streisand, she has been known to deafen fans on the front (and back) row. Her impressive vocal range, and strong stage presence set her apart from the rest.