Alice Watts and Abimaro play The George Tavern, promoting their new albums!

Musicians and friends, Abimaro Gunnell and Alice Watts have decided to design their own bespoke tour of their music – in a camper van! As female solo musicians based in London they have played a number of gigs and worked with a variety of musicians locally but they want to expand their audience, and create new opportunities for themselves, whilst also giving other artists a platform. A friend offered them their quirky mode of transport, and they are now planning their tour around the UK and Europe. In each city they visit they will be engaging with local artists, giving them a chance to share new music.

‘We’ve both performed in bands before but have recently stepped out as solo artists with just our guitars on our backs!’ says acoustic soul/folk singer, Abimaro who has sung for the likes of Zero 7 and Cinematic Orchestra. ‘We love being part of bands but it is so important for us to step out and challenge ourselves’.

‘As women in music, we also want to support each other, and break down the barriers of competition and comparison that are so soften forced on women in this industry ’ explains Alice, who is releasing her soul styled folk album Blue Gold, this September. ‘On the tour we’ll both be performing our own songs and will accompany each other. It’s why we’ve called it the Shadow Sessions – we’re shadowing each other, sharing the lime-light and making room for each other to shine’.

‘Supporting other unsigned artists is also something we’re passionate about and creating opportunities for other musicians to share their songs is something I’m really looking forward to seeing unfold. We’re appealing for local musicians to come and support us on the tour. We’ve created this platform for ourselves and we want to share that and connect with local musicians along the way,’ adds Abimaro.

The idea of touring across the UK and Europe, for the most part in a campervan is a daunting but exciting adventure for these two musicians.

‘I firmly believe challenges bring out great art and it’s really important to me to continue challenging myself, and continuing to grow and create through those challenges!’ explains Abimaro.

The ladies are hoping to have their meals provided by Nandos along the way, and pay their accommodation and travel through CD, Merchandise and ticket sales