Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tigmus.

About Tigmus

Tigmus exists to make it easier for artists to find the best venues and make money from playing live music. We have the biggest online database of venues across the country and Europe - from pubs and theatres to cafes, homes and warehouses. Once you've created a show, we partner you up with local artists to make sure you always perform in front of a full house and, importantly, get paid.

Artist/Promoter FAQs

How does Tigmus work?

As an artist, you're in control. Choose your own venues, set your own fee, and promote your show. By automating much of the gig booking process under one roof, artists earn on average 30% more and fans pay 30% less using Tigmus.

How do I create a gig?

Creating a gig has never been simpler. Simply click ‘Perform’ at the top of the page and search for the city you want to play in. Browse the venues, read the feedback, explore the venue’s features.

When you’ve found a venue that’s right for you, simply click ‘Request’ and we’ll do the rest.

How do I pick the right venue?

Picking the right venue is key to a successful show. Start modestly and build your way up. Search Tigmus for somewhere unusual and unique. Fans love seeing music in intimate spaces.

How do I add a support slot to my gig?

Adding additional artists to your shows is the best way to ensure it sells out. Simply select ‘Invite new artist’ when creating your show and we’ll send them a message inviting them to join.

How do I make my profile stand out?

Content is key! Choose your Sunday best. Your event will be shared on our social media and potential fans will be viewing your profile. Give them something to listen to by uploading a soundcloud and YouTube link.

How does the ticket system work?

Tigmus uses electronic tickets. You can monitor in real­time the number of tickets you’ve sold in your Account > My Shows > View Tiggers List.

How do I set the right fee?

The fee you set should include the amount you want to get paid and how much you want to pay your support slots.

Be realistic with your target. Setting a realistic fee will mean your tickets are appropriately priced and your show has the best chance of being a success.

How is the ticket price calculated?

The ticket price is calculated by adding together your fee with the venue hire, additional costs (e.g. PA hire, if needed) and the Tigmus commission (usually between 10­-20%, which includes a 3­-5% charge by our payment partner Stripe). This total is then divided by the capacity of the venue. By automating much of the gig booking process under one roof, artists earn on average 30% more and fans pay 30% less using Tigmus.

What is my relationship with the Venue?

When you request a venue you will be entering an agreement to cover the costs involved of the venue’s hire. This is an important factor when choosing the right venue to perform in. You should feel comfortable that you can sell enough tickets to cover, at a minimum, the venue hire fee.

Tigger (Ticket buyer) FAQs

How do I buy a ticket?

To buy your ticket, select the number of tickets you require with the grey slider and click ‘Buy’. Enter your card details into Stripe when prompted. If you have previously bought a ticket through Tigmus, your card details will be saved. Should you wish to use a different card, click ‘Pay with new card’. Once the payment has been received, you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

When will I receive my ticket?

Tigmus operates a ticketless system. Simply turn up to the venue with your confirmation email and your host will match you up with their guest list. Tip: save paper by displaying your confirmation email on your mobile device.

Why should I pledge extra money?

Pledging extra money and become a patron of the artist. Some artists will include extra benefits, such as backstage access, t­shirts, ‘meet the band’ etc, for extra pledge amounts. See the event page for more details.

If you would like to pledge extra money, simply adjust the slider to increase the amount before clicking ‘Buy’. You can pledge extra money at any time before the show begins without having to buy a ticket.

How do I cancel/return my ticket?

If you would like to cancel your ticket, simply click ‘Cancel ticket’ in the My Tigs section of your account profile. If the show has already been confirmed, you will only be eligible for a refund if there are people on the waiting list. Returning tickets through Tigmus is the best way of ensuring artists benefit from the proceeds of any resale (rather than those pesky touts).

The show I want to see is sold out, is it possible to join a Waiting List?

Yes! If an event has sold out you can join the waiting list for returned tickets.

How does the Waiting List work?

Returned tickets are allocated to the highest bidder, with any profits being redistributed to the artist (our little way of combating ticket touts, see our T&Cs). Follow the normal process of buying a ticket by selecting the number of tickets you require + extra pledge amount (optional, but the higher the amount the more likely you are of winning a returned ticket) and clicking ‘Join Waiting List’. You will not be charged at this stage but Stripe will hold onto your card details. If you are the highest bidder then Stripe will charge your account and you will receive a confirmation email with your ticket.

How do I leave the Waiting List?

Should you wish to remove your bid from the waiting list, simply click ‘Cancel ticket’ in the My Tigs section of your account profile.

Can I return a Waiting List ticket?

Sadly not at this stage, but we’re working on it. You can leave the Waiting List at any time prior to a return ticket being allocated to your account.

How are tickets processed?

Stripe is our trusted third-party payments system. To learn more about Stripe, visit https://stripe.com/gallery (external site).

Host FAQs

How do I create a profile?

Simply click ‘Host’ at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

How do I make my profile stand out?

Show off your space by choosing your best photos. Attract artists by including a rich description of the services you can offer.

Can I host a show in my home?

Yes! We’ve hosted lots of gigs in people’s homes and both artists and fans alike love them. There’s nothing like an intimate space to bring musicians and fans together.

Can I choose the types of music I want in my venue?

Absolutely. This is your space and the type of shows you host is entirely up to you. Use your profile to describe the type(s) of music you want to attract.

How do I set my fee?

Simply enter the fee for your venue when creating your profile. If you have different fees for different days, please include this information in your venue description. If you don’t charge a fee, simply enter ‘0’ when creating your profile.

How can I manage my bookings?

When an artist requests to play in your venue, you will receive an email from Tigmus. To accept, simply follow the instructions. Once you have accepted the event, it will appear in your profile.

How do I cancel an event?

If you want to cancel an event at your venue, email support@tigmus.com. T&Cs may apply.

Can I create multiple venues using the same user profile?

Yes. Manage all of your venues under one roof.

How can I help promote the night?

Help make sure your events are successful by sharing the event page on your social media and sending it out to your mailing lists.

Manager/Promoter/Booking agent?

I’m a band manager, how can I use Tigmus?

Tigmus is the perfect tool to manager your roster of artists. Organise all of your artists in one place and plan the perfect tour by pairing them up for shows in cities across the country and Europe.

I’m a promoter, how can Tigmus help me?

Tigmus is a powerful tool for promoters to use as it allows you to curate the perfect shows in the venues you want to use. Simply click ‘Perform’, search for the venue - or create your own! - and build your show. Invite artists to perform by selecting ‘Invite new artist’ under Additional Acts. Email support@tigmus.com for more info on how Tigmus can help you.

I’m a booking agent, can I use Tigmus?

Absolutely. Tigmus provides the perfect means of connecting artists with venues. Create a user profile for your agency and add artists to your roster. When you’re booking a tour, simply search for the perfect venue and then add your artists to the event.