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“The next big thing!” - Rolling Stone Indonesia;

Neonomora is an Indonesian singer, songwriter, artist and writer. Though born in Jakarta, Indonesia, she was raised in a variety of far-flung locales, including China, Australia and the United States. Neonomora's sound is derived from a combination of genres, including folk, rock, soul, R&B and electronica, while the eclectic instrumentation that fills her songs includes violin, harp, acoustic guitar, koto, banjo, mandolin, glockenspiel, tabla and synths.

Neonomora has received praise from across media. Her self-titled debut EP, released in November 2013, was deemed Best Indonesian Album 2013 by Rolling Stone Indonesia, an accolade also accorded to her full-length 2014 follow-up, Seeds. She was also nominated as Breakthrough Artist of the Year by Indonesia's NET TV in 2014, while Buzzfeed ran an article with the provocative headline, "Incredible Indonesian Band You Should Be Listening To." In addition, Malaysia's Juice magazine noted, "She's really lighting up the Indonesian music scene," with the Jakarta Globe adding, "Sounding very global-ready, Neonomora's music bears little-to-no-resemblance to most Indonesian musicians out there." Perhaps the top praise came from the Indonesian edition of Nylon magazine, which enthused, "Once her voice is heard by the world, Neonomora will shine brighter than the God of the Sun and the Goddess of the Moon."

“Neonomora is blessed with a gorgeously muscular voice, but she isn’t afraid to throw some darkness and dance floor drama into the mix, interlacing thumping beats with dense layers of synth. The Jakarta native might just be ushering in the next phase of electro-acoustic pop anthems: She’s prepped to fill stadiums, thanks to an electrifying stage presence-all while racing to the top of the charts.” - Apple Music

“If Neonomora's voice, songs and music videos don't resonate deep within you then surely you can't be alive and breathing.” -, UK

“She stands up and she makes a statement in her music videos and she says with the people are feeling and by far that puts her on a whole new level of artistry.” -, USA

“Neonomora marks herself as one of the true, original, fresh and innovative artists in music.” -, USA

"Among the best performers and bands of late..." - Lonely Planet "Southeast Asia on a Shoestring", USA

James Beau Barclay

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"I stumbled across the voice of James Beau Barclay a few weeks ago, and I’ve been coming back to his songwriting over and over again since. Hailing from Bristol, but now studying at Goldsmiths and living in South East London, Barclay has been playing his guitar seriously since he was 14 years old, and now can be found gigging in and around New Cross and collaborating with other passionate musicians.

For me it was James’ mix of British acoustic soul and James Blake influenced electronic flourishes that made me take note of his talent; particularly ‘Light That She Saw’. The track was released a few months ago on LA’s Modern Filth. It is a mournful sounding song that breaks your heart with a haunting guitar solo and echoing vocal harmonies.

James loose, sweet, vocal delivery has just enough of a crack to it to give it a bit of edge. The beat and slight roughness on ‘Loving You Always’ give it a soulful appeal that would have been lost if the recording was too polished." - Mahogany