Mchakamchaka London

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Throughout history, people from all over the world have used call-and-response singing to make physically demanding or tedious work easier and more fun. If it works for planting seeds, weaving, rowing or marching, then why not for running too?

Inspired by the Tanzanian phenomenon of mchakamchaka (song-based group jogging that takes place in schools throughout the country), Soundtrack is a London-based running project, founded by musician and ethnomusicologist Merlyn Driver. As well as welcoming experienced runners and singers, Soundtrack is also ideal for beginners of both activities! The chants are simple, and they make the running easier and a lot more fun.

The songs used are both contemporary and traditional, including work songs and running songs from Tanzania and around the world. Part of Soundtrack's mission is to protect and celebrate the beauty of these songs by giving them greater meaning and relevance to people today.

Meet up with your fellow singers and runners @ 4pm outside Hampstead Underground Station (Northern Line).