George Holroyd

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George Holroyd

"George Holroyd took to the stage and delivered a high-energy set full of vibrant acoustic melodies that proved impossible to stand still to." - pugwashmagazine

"George blew me away with ‘Go’ and had Alexa almost jumping for joy when he followed it by ‘Seven Million Songs.’" - underthetreenottingham

Daisy Chute “Exquisitely delicious. Delicate, like a gossamer-winged creature made out of spun gold." Tony Moore (Soho Radio, The Bedford)

Felix M-B "Unbelievable" - DERMOT O'LEARY BBC Radio 2'The World Won't Wait - EP' out now

Felix M-B

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Unique Nu-Folk style 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Derby, UK.

Dermot O'Leary - BBC RADIO 2 said: 'Unbelievable... this stuff belies his age.'

DEAN JACKSON (THE BEAT, BBC INTRODUCING EAST MIDS) – ‘A rare and wonderful tone of voice… A very bright future ahead.’

Under The Tree Nottingham said: "One of the best records we've been sent this year. Felix M-B is a name in notts to remember!"

THE FIVE WS OF - BLOG said: 'His words are carefully weighed and spoken with sincerity. His vocal performances are just as confident as his songwriting. Plus, his voice is really beautiful.'

Left Lion Magazine said: 'Never before have I seen such a slick, professional performance from one so young and so new to the scene.'